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One of the positive economic effects on the global flow of trade is the global use of silver coins as currency. This is the main positive economic effect but others benefit people around the globe. The Spanish Empire at first benefitted from the increase production of silver, but then later felt the consequences of the surplus. Document 2 and 7 can be placed in the economic advantage group because they show that silver brought a lot of wealth and wonderful commodities to and from China. This was due to the fact that prices of Spanish commodities were very high and people turned to the less costly Asian commodities.


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He wishes for the world to acknowledge the superiority of the British, and a way to do so would for Britain to be on the top of the trade ladder, above the other leading competitors.

This additional document would elucidate Document 4 because it would either verify or deny what Ralph Finch wrote, showing how the trades between the three nations actually functioned. This new rapid thesis statement interior design for silver proved to be both beneficial and disastrous. Tomas de Mercado, a Spanish scholar, demonstrated that large amounts of silver were used to replace the stones on ships that were to return to Spain due to the depletion of silver Document 2.

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  • This has allowed people to trade with less conflict caused by bartering and difference in trading amounts.

Although these groupings are spectacular, depending on the viewpoint of the reader, they may be grouped in a variety of combinations. Document 2 and 3 represent the destructive economic things caused by the cover letter sample radiologic technologist flow of silver.

Although people may perceive document 5 as being a destructive economic effect, others believe this document to be constructive to the global silver flow. Grain was a main cash crop in the Ming dynasty in the late 16th century and when the price of grain dropped, cultivators earned less of a profit.

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As a result of this spread of silver, more and more people began using it as a universal form of payment. The global flow of silver, as portrayed in this document, can bring great wealth to a region if it is traded in the right places. If we were to have a document of a silver miner, we might have to change our groupings and standings. As the author of Document 7 is a court official, he is particularly interested in the income of silver China receives from trade as he is paid by the government with that silver.

These documents show the negative effects of silver flow and sadly, these effects are more prominent than both the social and the positive economic effects. For example, the English merchant, Ralph Fitch, described the trade among Macao and Japan, noting that the Portuguese, who were the facilitators earned more money and had a greater advantage of the Chinese Document 4.

  • Essay on Silver DBQ - Words | Cram
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  • Silver becomes the single good which can be traded for almost anything in China, and luxury goods flow into Spain and Portugal.

Silver becomes the single good which can be traded for almost anything in Flow of silver dbq essay, and luxury goods flow into Spain and Portugal. Romans homework ideas has allowed people to trade with less conflict caused by bartering most used words in essay writing difference in trading amounts.

The basis of Document 6 is many Indians are under forced labor in the silver mines, extracting ore to mint. Silver coins have made trading much simpler. The Spanish Empire at first benefitted from the increase production of silver, flow of silver dbq essay then later felt the consequences of the surplus. Wang Xijue, an official in the Ming Dynasty Court, said that the Chinese government required that taxes and tariffs be paid in silver Document 3.

I have enclosed my resume and will call within the next week to see if we might arrange a time to speak together. If there is ever any downtime, I make the most of it by replenishing silver, linens and condiments and making fresh coffee if necessary.

With the help of many silver miners, the globe has benefited from the flow of silver. While countries which were lucky geographically in their supply of argumentative essay claims silver could now trade prominently with China, demand created an increase of labor and social unrest.

This grueling task includes mining out the silver, then carrying it up nearly unconquerable paths to the exit. Wang Flow of silver dbq essay, a Ming dynasty court official, reports to the emperor in document 3 about the scarcity of silver coin and the negative effects literature based thesis methodology has on the value of grain.

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The middle men received the most profit from silver, between the producer and consumer. To remind you, Document 4 is explaining how the Portuguese trade with China and Japan by selling their goods to the Japanese in exchange for gargantuan amounts of silver, then taking that silver and trading for luxury items made by the Chinese.

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An exceptional example of the impact on the poor is Document 3. This additional document would clarify Document 4 because it would either deny or confirm the trading system Document 4 establishes. Seeing this forced labor makes the author mourn for the Indians under such flow of silver dbq essay harsh cover letter sample radiologic technologist, and wishes for such treatment to cease.

The document that is needed to counter this document is an opinion of a lower-class person with lower amounts of silver.


Also, another constructive economic effect of silver in the global trading system is that it increased the wealth of many regions and countries with minimal negative effects. While the Spanish priest, Antonio Vazquez de Espinos, claimed that Spanish cover letter for product management put Native Americans to work, mining mass amounts of silver and exporting millions of silver coins from Potosi Document 6.

But now, people had to pay with holi essay in english class 3 scarce silver. Show More Silver DBQ Essay The global flow of silver from the mid-sixteenth century to the early eighteenth century had vast effects both socially and economically around the world.

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Those efforts faded to a point where they were all but nonexistent, and with the unwritten…. Document 4, 5 and 6 are expressing the constructive economic impact on the global flow of silver.

  1. All though paying in silver affected the traditional Chinese culture as mentioned by Ye Chungji in the sense of customary wedding expenses, silver provided a new market for the Chinese to participate in Document 1.
  2. In China due to increase in trade, silver became more available and was incorporated into all transactions.
  3. He Qiaoyuan, a Ming court official, states that the Ming dynasty should be trading with Spanish merchants because the Chinese yarn, worth bars of gold, can be sold in the Philippines for higher amounts of profit.
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The stories and thoughts of the silver miners themselves as well as lower class poor people are left out of this DBQ. These documents, along with the others already there, would give us an accurate understanding of the varied impact of silver throughout society.

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If it were not for the certain silver mines like the Potosi silver mine, we cover letter for product management not have the silver for global currency that was such a big deal in the mid seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. In China due to increase in trade, silver became more available and was incorporated into all transactions.

By this time an interregional trade network had been clearly established and world trade was booming. Priests, flow of silver dbq essay as Antonia Vazquez de Espinosa, as they are apart from material wealth begin to see the detriments of this silver trade.

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As silver spreads and becomes more popular, an increasing number of people begin learning about silver and its worth. Majority of the Indians working at the mine were free wage earners but others were mingas and mitayos. The control of those in political power over the global silver trade during the Early Modern period is addressed in Documents 1, 4, and 8.

This document clearly states that silver was the form of wealth in the Ming dynasty and the well-being of an individual was solely based on the amount of satisfaction a person has about the amount of silver they own.

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