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Back to top My Freezer Stopped Working A freezer not working is a massive inconvenience, health hazard, and can cause a truly awful smell as if that wasn't bad enough. Once the drain plug is removed, place a pan beneath it to catch the water, or if you are near a drain, position the freezer over it and let the water drain out. Temperature Control Board The temperature why is community service important to you essay board supplies voltage to the compressor and fan motors. Pull the contents away from this fan vent and leave room around items so air can reach every point in the freezer.


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Many American style fridge freezers also have a cooling fan to cool the compressor, another possible source of noise. Should the water hotpoint fridge problem solving described above get contaminated by spillages within the appliance or foreign bodies getting into the water drip tray itself then we recommend using our Fridge Cleaner.

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Also make sure that any extension cords are in good working order. Check to make sure that it is not obstructed or covered, and replace it if necessary.

A defective thermistor will make the freezer far too cool, or not cold at all, depending on the specific flaw.

If the problem is with the thermostat, you should try adjusting it to see if a different setting works better. Manual Defrost Unscrew the front or rear panel on your freezer with a screwdriver to gain access to the freezer drain hose and the drip pan.

Frost free isn't as straight forward as normal refrigeration as Mark points out in the article, in fact it can sometimes be a real pain to analyse the failure and pinpoint the problem or problems.

When this pan becomes full, it will leak water onto the floor. Freezer not cold enough If your freezer is not cold enough, food might be getting spoiled. Once the drain plug is removed, place a pan beneath it to catch the water, or if you are near a drain, position the freezer over it and let the water drain out.

Back to top My Freezer is Leaking Water A leaking freezer may result in water all over the floor, or it may result in solid ice inside the freezer.

  1. Fan motor failure Ice build up, fan clipping the ice Thermostat failure.
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In either case, you need to fix the problem before you can use the freezer as usual, and to do that you need to identify where the problem lies. Your fridge freezer will defrost itself usually once a day and during this time the ice melts.


Small amounts of hotpoint fridge problem solving frost will often appear on the basket fronts if the doors of the appliance are left ajar for any length of time. If the hose has been cut or sliced open, insert a hose coupler into the hose and clamp it together on both sides.

If the start relay is defective, it should be replaced.

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A broken or failing evaporator control is yet another cause of higher freezer temperatures. If you need to remove service panels to gain access, a professional service technician must be called.

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Thermostat A modern, frost-free refrigerator frosting up could indicate a problem with the thermostat or defrost mechanism. A sharp cracking sound from within your fridge freezer can usually be attributed to the build up of frost on your internal fridge components.

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I get condensation around the door, why? However a defrost element failure can produce the same result, as can an electronic controller.

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You shouldn't let frost get more case study mental status exam 3mm thick. Part of the issue is that, as with almost all refrigeration, it takes a long time to see a noticeable result. Filter by There is moisture on the inner base of my Hotpoint fridge freezer Moisture or droplets of water on the inner base of your fridge freezer are usually associated with a blocked gutter outlet on the rear inner wall; they could also be caused by items touching the back wall of the appliance.

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Anything much higher and foods will spoil and become a health hazard. Back to top My Freezer Smells To remove odours, the commonly accepted method is to wash thoroughly, then use charcoal to absorb the remaining smell. Simply spray onto any internal why is community service important to you essay external parts of how to write a sales rep application letter appliance and wipe away.

Just like when ice cubes melt in a drink a cracking sound may be heard.

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If the hose has separated from a hose coupler, it can be reconnected by squeezing the hose clamp and pushing the hose back onto the coupler. Here's what you should do, even if you suspect that it was a mischievous child or clumsy spouse who was behind all your food spoiling.

If the plug is not removed, the water will back up into the freezer and drain out of the bottom. We recommend using land transport essay in english fridge care.

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