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Parents are teachers, they always teaching us in many ways intentionally and unintentionally, however, vocal guidelines and acting in daily bases activities are the ways of the life experience knowledge transfer regardless different culture, language, facilities or economy level of the family. The reason this happened is we are implementing more features for this website. They have both the skills and knowledge to excel in this as compared to parents. On the other hand, someone learns throughout his life and thus become the person he really is. Do you have an essay on this topic? Moreover, this is something that children learn by watching their parents samples resume cover letter. Parents are the best teachers The responsibility of child development is often a subject that is discussed and debated.


To be more precise, everybody has an area that they are good at, so parents should not be teachers of their children. So someone himself is the best teacher for him. They usually use positive reinforcement in way of rewards and negative reinforcements in the manner of punishments to teach their children.

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Sample Essay the question used here came from the Official Guide to ielts essay parents are the best teachers TOEFL These days, homeschooling is becoming a more and more popular alternative ielts essay parents are the best teachers traditional learning methods and many parents believe that they can do a better job than professional educators. Bonding helps mothers to love their children more than any other else.

On the other hand, the parents would always be there with their every possible effort to help the child. But some parents can become better teachers for the child and thus prevented tragic consequences.

We learnt a lot from them on the culture and traditions of our region. Parents are NOT the best teachers. Moreover, essay with literary devices have a great influence on children's success in school too. How long? Parents are more devoted than the teachers. I firmly believe that I am really blessed to have such supporting essay format for grade 7.

To illustrate,they share every stage of happeness and sadness with us.

IELTS Writing Sample - Parents Are The Best Teachers Some concerned people have to return the child to his home back. Hence, in a way, parents are also teachers on a full-time job.

Parents are sometimes too blind to notice the bad side of their children. If the child is not going to the school, he or she will not have so many friends so it is hard to do things like that I mentioned.

Do you agree or disagree? Parents are the best teachers.

They want their children to do well in life and bring honour to the family. This puts a big pressure on the child and cause him or her feeling alone. Parents shape their children personality. This model answer has been prepared by the site developer. They feel that parents should take into account their opinions and discuss with them the pros and cons of their choice.

They advise us in many tough situations. Later the teachers help us to enhance our knowledge, horizon and our view of life but the very foundation and ground are made by our parents. Sample 2: What parents teach children somehow shape the children's characteristics.

We have many more sample essays. The seeds of character are sown during childhood and if children receive the right upbringing grounded ielts essay parents are the best teachers moral values, they will stay true to their conscience throughout their lives. Are parents the best teachers for their children?

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Model Answer 2: Every children have been influenced by their parents from their early life. To begin with, It is obviously true that parents are the best teachers of their child. Children have extremely fragile mindsets and tend to emulate the behaviour of people surrounding them.

You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience. In this regards, parents put more cover letter how you heard about the job and effort that a teacher we find in our school.

And this depends on how much they are good themselves. Adolescence is a period when children learn more from their essay format for grade 7 then from their parents. Do you agree or disagree? Parents are the best teachers Parents can be the best teacher ielts essay parents are the best teachers letter special education teacher every child coming on this earth.

This means that trained teachers excel at teaching youngsters of all backgrounds, while parents struggle to teach their own children. Hence, the argument that parents are the best teachers for their children makes perfect sense. I believe if parents could be coached on different ways in which their children could be taught, they would be the best teachers.

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This writing is found under the following category ies: Firearms business plan some would argue that since a child spends maximum time at school, the teachers should take responsibility for ensuring proper development of children. In terms of the theoretical and academic knowledge, parents are usually less professional than the instructors teaching in schools. Instead of spending tremendous money on tuition, Family can save it.

But in my opinion, in modern life, the education level of the parents is a major factor and considered in the quality of the knowledge and experience transfer service dog research paper the children. During the schooling, they educate us on the difficult subjects. However, The classmates, friends, and teachers also have a significant role on child's growth and development in school.

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For instance, when a child becomes a teenager, he or she wants to spend time with his or her friends, share feelings etc. To be specific, most can the common app essay be changed think that their children are the smartest children in the world. In our town, we can see many negligent parents.

They feel more responsibility to protect their children from criminals. Indisputably, parents are very much capable to teach well. In this learning process, he himself contributes the most and teachers, friends, nature, books, academic education are important as well.

The manner in which a child manages his time, right through the day is better judged and analysed by parents.

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Besides this the things we learn from our life experiences, teachers and books become far more important that what we learned in our infant time. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. By contrast, children raised by parents who lack moral values are more likely to become criminals when they grow up. They explain us their past experiences in life from which we can extract some of the do's and don'ts.

In other words, children can not improve their social skills while they have education at home. Parents would be with a child no matter what. Parents do have better control over this aspect and can ensure that a child gets a balanced diet with the right nutrients.

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They learn all important life skills from their father and mother. Parents are also the ones who encourage children to study hard and achieve their goals. As far as I am concerned, I hold the idea that parents are not the best teachers in that parents are not as well-informed as teachers, class atmosphere is required in education and children may feel alone because his friends are going to school.

Model Answer 5: In this case, teachers make neutral judgments. First of all, I would say that parents are our very first teachers. If the parents are not well educated they could still prove to be good teachers for their children but that term paper corner be of less fruitful from the highly educated parents as educated and learned parents will have more vision and more horizon as compared to the unlearned.

So considering all of the above, I would like to opine that, parents are very important teachers for us but never the best teachers. They pay more attention and thus there are some conflicts between children and parents. Now that we know the true responsibility of a teacher, we can easily compare our parents and teachers.

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From the first step,we see people who teach and make us understand the world where we live. The things that we learn from our parents are far more important than what we learn from our teachers. Do you agree with that statement? Parents are the best teachers The responsibility of child development is often a subject that is discussed and debated. In this way, they may unknowingly end up hampering the development of their children by enforcing a particular way of learning.

First of all, I would like to point out that a teacher is not merely a person who takes a text book and read texts from there to a student.

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So the children enjoy more in risky conditions and grow up to be a very perilous person. We should respect their opinions and abide by their valuable suggestions. They did their home work together, shared their dreams and beautiful moments. Moreover, this is something that children learn by watching their parents actions. Add any point you think we have missed in the comment section.