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A broken family in this context is one that is write an essay of 200 words describing the life without gravity structurally intact for various reasons, death of a parent, divorce, separation, desertion and illegitimacy. He claimed that academic success is achieved only if family background sources can be assessed to maximize the association between family influence and outcomes. Having a larger family has a causal effect, families who choose to have more children are inherently different and children would have done worse regardless of family size. Family background tends to a negative association with the academic success whereas parental engagement like volunteering in most cases should be positive correlations.


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Such abnormal conditions of the home are likely to have a detrimental effect on the school performance of the child. Desforges and Abouchaar referred to the report of a study by Sui-Chu and Willms on the involvement of parents in the school progress of their children.

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The health and nutritional status and condition of a pregnant woman form the developmental environment of an unborn child and determine the brain or intellectual development of the child. It has been estimated that lack of sufficient teachers in secondary schools which is believed to have devastating effect on academic performance of students in secondary schools.

Health status.

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This investment in the education of children is the sole responsibility of parents, guardians or other caretakers especially if children are dependants. The children from the lower class have more negative experiences in the home than their peers from the higher class.

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According to Jenks,many students from low income homes are kept away or sent out from schools or excluded from certain activities or lack of money to provide the prescribed equipment or materials. They further reported that creating a positive physical and mental atmosphere in the home helps to prepare students to be family background case study and able to learn.

All these issues are supported by the UNESCO report which reveals concerns for quality education that has dominated the education debate from the early eighties and has remained a central issue in the twenty first century. When How do i write a cover letter for my cv was tired of an activity, he said so.

Material deprivation was notably worse for families in the lower social classes.

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Beckerexplained the empirical regularity that families with higher income have fewer children. Adam did term paper corner right and left.

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He did well enough in math, and although behind, he was receiving no resource help. The study is restricted to four secondary schools in the local government area; this is due to the large size of the local government area.

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The home has social and economic state. He further said that the combination of poverty and disability in life of secondary school students has imposed serious hardships and their devastating psychological effects on students.

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The social position of any family determines the ability of the parents to cater for their children in many areas of life that includes food, shelter and samples resume cover letter as well as education requirements. Kevin Marjori banks and Mboya used such combination of family structures to examine differences in the academic goal orientation of African students how do i write a cover letter for my cv South Africa.

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It is important to note that education process and success is positively impacted by favorable home learning opportunities such as parents encouraging that their children have the right feeding, have security, and are happy and calm. Wise man et al have examined the causes of poor academic performance among secondary school students.

Regarding this, Desforges and Abouchaar submits that Material deprivation had a strong, negative effect on parental involvement. This implies that, the lower the socio-economic class, the less parental involvement and support will be evident.

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Lack of and priority attrition being paid to our schools and education of our students with disabilities in the past constituted reasons for their poor academic performance Samples resume cover letter Uwaifo asserts that parents and the individuals experience at home play a tremendous role in making the child what he or she is. To provide a reference material for future researchers and for the benefit of the general public.

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When examined, Adam was oriented to a sense of time and to the room he was in.